Seven Aspects of a Successful Business Website

What makes a website valuable?

WordPress-SEO-Seven Aspects of a Successful Business WebsitegAs a developer, this is a question that I have often been asked as I create websites for people. The answer has been unique for each individual client and their circumstance. Through these projects, there has always been certain recurring design principles and content elements that have become essential ingredients. From a sociological view, these ingredients have dual characteristics. On one hand, they represent the way in which we are all basically similar to one another and this affirms our collective spirit. On the other hand, it is the non-utilitarian, “dis-functional”, impractical, random, elements that make a website intriguing, creative, and thus affirms the individual spirit, giving a website personality.

This list explores the “stuff” of a website and offers a method for testing its value. There is only so much real estate on a website’s key pages, so it is not only important to decide what to include, but more importantly, why?
There is no perfect formula for a great website, but I would venture to say that a website that affirms our collective and individual spirit while creating value for the user stands a great chance of being successful.

Instead of portraying this subject in the typical outline you might encounter when retrieving an online search result from the question:

“What makes a successful business website?”

I am suggesting a nonlinear “value-based” approach. This is not just a “to-do” or “do-to” list of website functions that get willed into existence based on how well it serves monetary goals, but, rather a list of functions based on how it is sustainably valuable to the user, including the ultimate “end-user” Earth, the seventh value. How will our website affect the Earth? Our collective Self?

To this aim I have placed an image of our planet at the center of this diagram with the six other aspects of “value” surrounding it, so we can conveniently ponder this relationship with each of the items on the list.

WordPress- Six Aspects of a Website's Value

Using This Diagram

I have grouped the various functions and elements of a website under six values. They are grouped according to their predominant purpose or characteristic, although, you may find them just as appropriately listed under some other value heading, either way, it is a starting point. All of the items listed should be considered in multiple ways. Doing so, will create insights and give a deeper understanding of how your website is valuable in the world wide web. The full downloadable article will contain a complete list of all of the common and un-common elements and features of a website. View Full Article.


Choose a function/element you will need on your website.  For example:

“Great Content”. Now keeping in mind an overall idea of the content you are offering people who visit your website, ask the following questions while looking at the diagram.  Note: Adapt the “Who, What, Where, When, How, Why” part of each question as you feel fits.

  1. How is my content “Desirable”? Who desires it? When would they need it?
  2. How is my content “Credible”? Is it from an authentic source? Why is it…
  3. Is my content “Accessible” to the people I want to reach? Does it reach the desired demographic group?  Is it accessible to people with limited abilities?
  4. Is my content “Usable”? Can it help?  Are the viewers of my content able to see it properly in their particular environment or settings?
  5. Can my content be found easily? Is it “Searchable”? Can it be shared?
  6. Is the content “Sustainable”? Will it satisfy my viewers needs in ways that are enduring, repeatable, efficient, ethical….?
  7. How is this content valuable to the Earth?

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