Project Description

Seo-ServicesHow effective is your website if many of your potential viewers cannot find you? Increase your ability to be found with proven SEO methods such as: optimized titles, meta descriptions, sitemaps, search engine registration, links, keywords, image data, etc., and other non-conventional means. Learn more here.
Receive a free evaluation on the current status of your SEO and performance programming. From this point, then receive three hours of work to take the site further towards people finding you. We employ “best-practice” techniques suited for WordPress platforms. Improvement will be measured by neutral third-party analysis so you can view the measurable changes and you. We guarantee an improvement in hits and performance or there is no charge. We cover the top “must have” conventional techniques along with some of our own tweaks. Some of the things we look include:
• Relevance
• Link Authority
• PageRank Analysis
• Meta Data
• Permalinks
• Content Relevance
• Keywords & Audience
• Media Integration
• Organic Link Attraction
• Guest Posting
• Blog Commentary & Networking
• Registries
• Hard & Software Optimization
• Referring Domains
• Social Media Integration ….and more
• Read this article for details on what we do: Search Engine Optimization