Project Description

Maintenance Plans & DIYChoose the level at which you wish to be involved in the maintenance part of your site. Purchase a plan to fit your needs.  If you have any special requests or unanswered questions,  email us. A properly maintained site engine is key to keeping a performing edge. The ability to easily keep your site fresh and attractive will boost views.
This service can be for whatever you need it to be. Usually it involves a change such as new content or imagery or an added function etc… Maintenance includes 3 hrs. labor executing any of the following needed tasks:
• Text / content changes
• Image processing (formatting images to size)
• Website evolution / creation of additional pages/posts/special content
• Most change requests to be completed within 24 hours
• Updating images and graphics
• Adding / removing links on your site
• Exchanging links with other sites
• Adding / removing PDFs, MS Word Docs and/or other document types
• Analytics (visitor traffic information and analysis)
• Other services that can be customized to your specific needs
• Telephone, e-mail support & consultancy
Note: For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there is a separate service here.