Zellous.org-Canvas DreamsFeatures

 Canvas Dreams is a sustainable Web host based in the United States. They offer professional, reliable hosting, paired with ethical service, caring customer support, and responsible, sustainable practices. Below are some of the main reasons we use them. If you want your website to reflect sustainable values, please consider using them too.

100% Wind Power Driven

Your website can rest on a server that is the most efficient, in the industry. One they developed themselves which produces 60% energy savings over conventional servers. Also, instead of using renewable energy, Canvas Dreams realizes that with the projected, exponential increase in data center use worldwide, more drastic measures are warranted for reducing ones carbon footprint. This is why they institute an energy-minimization strategy cutting waist both on the provider and usage end.

Sustainable Business Practices

Canvas Dreams walks-the-talk when it comes to integrating sustainable business practices into their entire company structure, including culture. No “green washing” here. They also support a variety of non-profits and activities that help to raise consciousness about the new choices facing our life-style. Once you set up an account with them, you instantly become a member of the wider sustainable-minded community working on behalf of the planet. Every website counts.

Non-Profit Web Hosting Discounts

Canvas Dreams respects the work of non-profit organizations and programs on local communities and acknowledge the fiscal responsibilities and budget limits they face as a non-profit entity. Therefor, they offer a 20& discount on their hosting plans. If you are a non-profit and wish to get started, just enter “NONPROFIT” into the coupon code field on the signup form. Even without this discount, their plans are competitively priced at pennies a day.

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Easy-to-Use Control Panel

As an authorized cPanel partner, they offer the industry-standard control panel which provides complete administrative control over ones hosting environment, with customized and brandable login screens for all types of users. An extensive, built-in video tutorials and FAQs section can help with any question that arises. This interface is our favorite when it comes to having ease of control over ones back-end of things. Unlike other control panels from other servers, you wont be bombarded with up-selling ads from marketing.

Compatible to Your Needs

Canvas Dreams utilizes a standard Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) hosting platform, powered by the cPanel control panel environment. It offers the most widely used and supported applications and scripting technologies like one-click-install options. A comprehensive script library enables adding more functions to your site as you need them. Choose between Shared Hosting and VPS/Dedicated Hosting. They are also Payment Cart Industry (PCI) Compliant for E-Commerce. Their security and backup functions are reliable.

An Integrated Approach

By being hosted on Canvas Dreams while Zellous.org designs and manages your website you can feel assured that all aspects of your website are working together toward a sustainable future. We all keep each other informed of the latest developments in our field. We inspire each other through sharing our unique gifts. Joining this community strengthens the movement as well as everyone on the planet. Sign-up today.